Support DRIFCan

Ongoing, sustainable funding is critical to keep DRIFCan’s exciting and promising research projects moving forward.


We Need Your Support

Dr. James Shapiro and his team rely on access to private donor funding and research grants to continue their groundbreaking work.

Currently, access to undesignated funding is limited or sometimes delayed by bureaucratic policies. DRIFCan therefore facilitates prompt and timely access to the funds necessary to pursue diabetes research goals and projects.


DRIFCan supports local charities by providing a robust corps of dedicated volunteers in exchange for a portion of monies raised.

Look for DRIFCan volunteers at the following upcoming events.

Retired Members Plumbers and Pipefitters Golf Tournament

May 26, 2017

K97 Charity Golf Classic

June 2, 2017

Carpenters Golf Tournament

July 16, 2017

Edmonton South Rotary Club Gala

September 29, 2017